Prior to submitting a request for MEDIA Credentials

Credentials will be granted to reporters and photographers who are ON ASSIGNMENT and covering Rockfest 80's for legitimate publications, internet sites and/or radio and television stations.

Photographers and videographers must be on assignment from a working print, online or broadcast commercial news organization. All photographers and videographers are required to use professional photography and videography equipment, only. No photographs or video may be recorded on a personal device, such as a point-and-shoot camera, mobile phone, etc. Spec photography/video, portfolio photography/video and personal website photography/video is not permitted.

Webzines and Bloggers:

Websites must be previously established and updated regularly (at least every seven days) with original and current news, and a minimum of 20,000 unique hits per month via Google Analytics. To qualify as online media, please provide a URL in the application provided below. Your name and title must appear in a by-lined interactive entertainment, lifestyle or travel-related article from your publication written by you and published within the last 30 days (the copy must show your name in the by-line). Credentials for webzines and bloggers are extremely limited and will be evaluated closely.

All Credential requests MUST be submitted in advance. Deadline for requests is October 1, 2018. If you are reading this after that date, do not call and ask if we are still accepting. We cannot promise return phone calls after October 1, 2018. Credentials will not be granted at the festival for unregistered media.